Monday, April 17, 2006


In college we were each given a free Corbis account with a limit of 25 images per quarter. I thought to myself that really won't do. Hungry to just have the images on my harddrive I quickly devised the plan to get as many as I could use or want. Within half an hour I had 100. I knew I was tainting myself with greed but I didn't care. Those people's images represented something I didn't have; heart guts and soul. 6 months later I had over 400 images and still no heart guts or soul. I longed to have what they create and although I already had it deep inside, I couldn't wake up from my sleep. So I just trudged on using those images for my own purposes, mostly to design non-commercial, personal web sites or piecing together those images to create parodies of people who exist either in real life or those people I met online. They were a hit but I was still left with the problem of no heart guts or soul. I longed for my own images but it never occured to me once to use a camera.

What happens between the time we are blind and the time we see is a mystery.

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