Friday, May 12, 2006


Taken with my trusty P.O.S.


Jenn said...

Hmm...that is a very interesting photograph. I like it a lot!

Keep it up!
By the way, I have finally added more photos to my blog :)

Bleh said...

Thank you for posting in my blog, I love your photos, i guess i'm not that skilled yet!

Gypsy said...

Thanks Jenn, it's an old image. I think I took it 4 months ago when I just started pointing my camera away from my cat. Nothing new lately actually but I'm about to get a new camera so I'll be out there again. I've been over to your site looking to find new images and saw you had some so back I go to look more.

And thanks, bleh. I really don't posses so much skill yet but I'm working on it. Your dog shot is really fun and adorable. Have you thought about shutting off the time/date stamp? Just in case you take somehting you really really like, you won't regret seeing the stamp there. Just keep taking pictures. It ultimately boils down to making yourself happy first.

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