Saturday, July 29, 2006



Anonymous said...


This is a great photo because it makes you look at it. And if you’re really looking, you see more the second time. At first I thought it was fantastic motion shot with the usual blurr. But then I saw the brilliance of this particular double exposure…and I saw Maui checking you out while also moving forward on his light board…I see him surfing on light. The design composition in this black and white image is simple, yet provoking. You really captured (created) something special here. Really.

~ Galatea

Gypsy said...

You just love Maui. You're biased. Admit you're madly in love with this cat. How could I ever fault you for that? ever. I'm in love with him too. And his head being doubly exposed - two heads. Can it be sweeter?

I appreicate you for your thoughts - they're always rich with thought.

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