Friday, July 28, 2006


Nothing terribly interesting about this photo or the man who chewed me out for 'stepping on his property line'.


The Jeweled Reporter said...

As the creator you might think there is nothing interesting. As one viewer, I would disagree. I like the view-the sunflowers look like people glowering down upon you, and given that the owner of the property had issues, it's even more ironic that you chose this view. On the flipside, the sun beaming through the leaves and petals is really pretty, and you could only get such a pretty view through such a tall flower.

Gypsy said...

interesting feedback on the emotion of forboding - that's pretty much how i felt when trying to snap a picture. the man came around the corner and confronted me as though i'd just run my car over his front lawn - which i'd thought temptingly about afterward of course. my tripod was set up and i was ready to snap when he literally started throwing a fit!

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